Double Race

Overall Results

April 10, 2021

Results By Race Management Systems, Inc.


Female Finishers

PlaceName/RaceCity/StateBib NoAge TimePlace*
1Zoe HokeClarkston MI13115Series Total:1:36:03.02
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k46:35.41
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k49:27.61
2Samantha McPharlinDetroit MI16630Series Total:1:39:09.95
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k49:38.83
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k49:31.12
3Meagan HouhanisinBrighton MI23736Series Total:1:45:13.310
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k53:03.26
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k52:10.14
4Ursula PinonDearborn MI18640Series Total:1:46:13.710
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k48:21.32
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k57:52.48
5Olivia EddyBirmingham MI11427Series Total:1:48:29.110
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k53:02.45
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k55:26.65
6Laura JepkemaNiles MI13934Series Total:1:53:47.318
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k55:47.39
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k58:00.09
7Stacy LindrupWhitehouse OH15950Series Total:1:55:48.921
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k57:35.611
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k58:13.210
8Cassie WilliamsCaro MI22535Series Total:1:56:43.524
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k56:26.510
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:00:17.014
9Amy MasternakPlymouth MI16352Series Total:1:57:39.624
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k52:44.44
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:04:55.120
10Mackenzie AbeleWixom MI24022Series Total:2:00:58.730
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:00:32.815
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:00:25.815
11Kaitlyn DoughertyMilford MI10930Series Total:2:02:11.633
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:05:24.826
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k56:46.87
12Stephanie Dunseith-ZimnyRoyal Oak MI11335Series Total:2:03:08.732
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k59:17.114
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:03:51.518
13Carley KratzManitou Beach MI14434Series Total:2:04:46.636
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:02:02.720
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:02:43.916
14Brittany LindrupWhitehouse OH15723Series Total:2:04:47.833
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:01:03.016
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:03:44.717
15Leila YoungRiverview MI7251648Series Total:2:06:24.339
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:01:11.818
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:05:12.521
16Ashley BlaineBurton MI8135Series Total:2:06:26.038
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:01:34.719
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:04:51.219
17Jean CameronWaterford MI8836Series Total:2:08:21.944
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:02:44.021
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:05:37.923
18Stacy FarrisLake Orion MI11651Series Total:2:09:18.447
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:02:54.322
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:06:24.025
19Beth CacciapalleClinton Township MI8639Series Total:2:13:18.954
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:04:13.524
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:09:05.330
20Meredith ConrowSouth Lyon MI9340Series Total:2:13:24.655
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:06:12.327
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:07:12.228
21Jessica CooleyGobles MI9434Series Total:2:14:50.758
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:07:51.531
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:06:59.127
22Michele TinseyBirmingham MI21645Series Total:2:15:05.657
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:04:34.625
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:10:30.932
23Jen DixonWixom MI23646Series Total:2:17:45.762
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:06:18.328
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:11:27.334
24Alicia MicklerHighland MI16729Series Total:2:17:46.464
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:06:18.929
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:11:27.535
25Christie SamuelsOxford MI19453Series Total:2:21:33.371
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:08:55.633
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:12:37.738
26Kathryn MilzRoyal Oak MI17042Series Total:2:28:34.779
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:09:43.834
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:18:50.845
27Carissa DannenbergerWalled Lake MI10047Series Total:2:31:53.485
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:13:30.141
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:18:23.244
28Stacy TallmanFarmington MI21234Series Total:2:35:14.392
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:12:06.339
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:23:08.053
29Kristine CaskoClarkston MI8946Series Total:2:35:18.590
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:16:27.544
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:18:51.046
30Kelly LerdahlOxford MI15539Series Total:2:35:19.090
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:16:27.443
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:18:51.547
31Tracy KulwickiGranger IN14837Series Total:2:35:43.394
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:14:05.842
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:21:37.552
32Jamie SpertiGrosse Pointe MI20738Series Total:2:40:36.096
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:20:13.448
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:20:22.648
33Kathleen OgilvyGrosse Pointe Woods MI17737Series Total:2:40:41.698
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:20:15.649
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:20:25.949
34Kerry MoskoKalkaska MI17242Series Total:2:42:44.8104
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:19:30.047
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:23:14.857
35Kathryn WolgastSwartz Creek MI22910Series Total:2:44:31.2106
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:21:22.852
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:23:08.354
36Jenni WolgastSwartz Creek MI22841Series Total:2:44:36.3109
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:21:23.253
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:23:13.156
37Tammy MooreyWixom MI17158Series Total:2:46:42.5113
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:22:08.754
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:24:33.859
38Saundra StackBirmingham MI20956Series Total:2:49:01.6116
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:23:04.755
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:25:56.961
39Gabi TiagaWhite Lake MI21539Series Total:2:49:46.7120
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:23:10.956
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:26:35.764
40Heather CowartRoseville MI9739Series Total:2:50:06.4118
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:25:28.158
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:24:38.260
41Melissa RobinsMadison Heights MI19234Series Total:2:52:37.7124
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:26:00.359
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:26:37.465
42Dionisia TebbeDewitt MI21457Series Total:2:56:44.9131
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:30:15.569
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:26:29.362
43Amanda KrampWhite Lake MI14330Series Total:2:56:45.7133
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:30:15.670
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:26:30.063
44Rachel LaframboiseAlmont MI14947Series Total:2:57:43.8131
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:27:58.365
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:29:45.566
45Paula ParrishAuburn Hills MI18257Series Total:3:01:14.4132
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:27:16.962
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:33:57.570
46Dawn AdamsHighland MI7152Series Total:3:01:22.6128
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:21:15.150
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:40:07.478
47Patti QuigleyBrighton MI23564Series Total:3:01:28.5130
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:21:17.051
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:40:11.479
48Christine BenbowTipton MI7848Series Total:3:06:09.9143
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:30:27.471
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:35:42.472
49Amber HenschelThree Rivers MI12838Series Total:3:08:29.4139
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:45:21.084
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:23:08.455
50Ashanti HuddlestonPontiac MI13422Series Total:3:14:23.4153
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:34:32.176
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:39:51.377
51Wendy GriffinFair Haven MI12446Series Total:3:14:59.7156
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:33:20.675
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:41:39.181
52Debra CollinsLinden MI9266Series Total:3:15:10.7150
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:28:59.966
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:46:10.784
53Judy HendrixDavison MI24374Series Total:3:16:50.8157
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:30:39.472
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:46:11.485
54Tia DaleDavison MI9946Series Total:3:16:52.5159
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:30:40.873
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:46:11.786
55Melissa GarberBath MI12044Series Total:3:22:33.0161
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:38:05.579
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:44:27.582
56Kiah SchneiderBay City MI19925Series Total:3:27:19.7168
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:40:57.881
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:46:21.887
57Latasha HuddlestonPontiac MI13650Series Total:3:32:06.0171
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:45:08.883
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:46:57.288
58Shannon CournayaBrown City MI9642Series Total:3:42:47.4178
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:51:28.089
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:51:19.389
59Selena BeersSaline MI7730Series Total:3:50:22.4175
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:39:29.680
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:10:52.895
60Cindy SimmonsYale MI20464Series Total:3:51:59.8179
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:50:51.586
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:01:08.393
61Seema DoshiFort Gratiot MI10861Series Total:3:52:00.3178
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:50:53.487
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:01:06.991
62Lindsay McNuttCapac MI16543Series Total:3:52:34.6180
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:51:26.488
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:01:08.292
63Christine EdwardsNewark OH11545Series Total:4:05:54.0181
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:49:39.585
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:16:14.596
64Michelle GurleyNew Haven MI12548Series Total:4:06:45.6187
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:02:44.593
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:04:01.094
65Melissa LaneLapeer MI15053Series Total:4:07:36.9190
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:21:27.6107
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:46:09.383
66Jennifer BerubeDundee MI8036Series Total:4:38:51.4202
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:17:39.7105
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:21:11.697

Male Finishers

PlaceName/RaceCity/StateBib NoAge TimePlace*
1Christian VerazaAuburn Hills MI22127Series Total:1:26:40.22
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k42:23.61
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k44:16.61
2Ryan CollingsNew Baltimore MI9139Series Total:1:29:53.95
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k44:42.22
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k45:11.63
3Robert PortGreenville MI18830Series Total:1:35:05.08
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k47:13.14
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k47:51.84
4Anthony FennMilford MI11728Series Total:1:35:30.68
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k46:21.23
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k49:09.35
5Matthew LathomEast Lansing MI15114Series Total:1:39:22.616
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k50:08.010
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k49:14.66
6Stephen HokeClarkston MI13059Series Total:1:40:41.615
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k48:18.36
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k52:23.29
7Alan LedfordHazel Park MI15332Series Total:1:44:36.422
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k47:49.65
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k56:46.717
8Michael VasileShelby Township MI22023Series Total:1:47:25.729
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k55:00.219
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k52:25.510
9Steve WolfHolly MI22752Series Total:1:51:12.335
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k54:20.517
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k56:51.818
10Daniel HeitzmannCommerce Township MI12642Series Total:1:54:41.042
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k57:20.323
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k57:20.619
11Gregory DugganMadison Heights MI11234Series Total:1:56:37.848
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k59:03.428
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k57:34.420
12Jerry ZawackiOrleans MI23264Series Total:1:58:31.449
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k58:55.227
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k59:36.222
13Steven OgilvyGrosse Pointe Woods MI17837Series Total:2:03:20.857
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:01:33.833
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:01:46.924
14Mike LindrupWhitehouse OH15850Series Total:2:04:47.657
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:01:02.631
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:03:45.026
15David KropidSuperior WI14553Series Total:2:05:45.460
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:02:14.835
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:03:30.625
16Mike LibertyCanton MI15643Series Total:2:06:12.862
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:01:38.934
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:04:33.928
17Steve NimerWolverine Lake MI17553Series Total:2:11:08.567
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:04:26.837
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:06:41.630
18Tom SpertiGrosse Pointe MI20840Series Total:2:20:02.672
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:05:14.039
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:14:48.533
19Peter ScheiweBloomfield Hills MI19742Series Total:2:27:18.978
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:11:43.944
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:15:35.034
20Ryan KilyanekWest Bloomfield MI24144Series Total:2:35:22.985
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:13:39.546
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:21:43.439
21Dave MaddixGaylord MI16167Series Total:2:40:41.987
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:15:00.947
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:25:41.040
22Brian DolinarMacomb MI10548Series Total:2:54:52.791
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:22:37.749
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:32:15.042
23David RuckleClawson MI19359Series Total:3:17:21.795
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:39:46.952
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:37:34.843

Half Marathon

Female Finishers

PlaceName/RaceCity/StateBib NoAge TimePlace*
1Elizabeth IzorOxford MI13835Series Total:3:29:34.52
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:41:23.61
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:48:10.91
2Kay Nordine RichardsonGrand Rapids MI17630Series Total:4:11:36.59
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:59:15.55
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:12:21.04
3Kisha OsterhoffFenton MI18128Series Total:4:23:41.316
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:05:41.311
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:18:00.05
4Kristen BedientRochester Hills MI7636Series Total:4:39:14.220
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:08:22.813
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:30:51.47
5Sarah DegraffGrand Rapids MI10333Series Total:4:46:55.624
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:09:55.314
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:37:00.210
6Laura HufschmidtLivonia MI7251040Series Total:4:49:35.224
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:17:59.716
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:31:35.58
7Jennifer PondLivonia MI18739Series Total:5:07:41.037
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:29:21.826
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:38:19.111
8Donna SendWilliamsburg MI20347Series Total:5:14:11.041
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:30:58.829
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:43:12.212
9Claudette FlavinBrighton MI11851Series Total:6:08:51.356
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:56:58.743
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k3:11:52.613

Male Finishers

PlaceName/RaceCity/StateBib NoAge TimePlace*
1Chris MikolajewskiLivonia MI16834Series Total:3:10:58.73
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:34:55.92
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:36:02.81
2Ben PreciousWhite Lake MI18952Series Total:3:11:58.53
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:33:31.61
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:38:26.92
3Eric WoelkersFlat Rock MI23444Series Total:3:22:50.67
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:38:30.13
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:44:20.44
4Bjorn SoderstromCommerce Township MI20655Series Total:3:38:53.314
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:46:32.67
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:52:20.67
5Jonathon WoodardMobile AL23044Series Total:3:43:05.314
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:44:57.16
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k1:58:08.28
6Edward HuttonOrtonville MI22239Series Total:3:47:15.116
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:43:01.34
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:04:13.812
7Matthew AntoniouLake Orion MI7348Series Total:3:48:17.718
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:44:02.55
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:04:15.213
8John CooleyGobles MI9538Series Total:3:55:00.920
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:53:42.511
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:01:18.49
9Konrad AndersonMunger MI7249Series Total:3:58:14.724
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:51:05.19
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:07:09.515
10Robert KruegerLa Salle MI14642Series Total:4:08:20.930
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:02:37.216
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:05:43.614
11Christopher GoronDelton MI7250852Series Total:4:15:02.133
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:03:00.117
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:12:02.016
12Gregory LechowiczLivonia MI15235Series Total:4:15:57.429
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k1:53:15.310
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:22:42.019
13Paul KuchinskiAnn Arbor MI14755Series Total:4:19:02.333
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:01:27.415
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:17:34.818
14Evan ZapolskiSaginaw MI23130Series Total:4:21:13.036
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:07:07.819
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:14:05.217
15Jeffrey ChambersHowell MI7250732Series Total:4:37:01.245
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:13:59.425
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:23:01.820
16Jeff BedientRochester Hills MI7538Series Total:4:38:10.442
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:07:19.320
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:30:51.022
17Alex WilliamsCaro MI22436Series Total:4:38:33.545
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:11:02.824
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k2:27:30.721
18Stanley GoodmanFarmington Hills Mi MI12366Series Total:6:13:16.565
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k2:48:26.238
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k3:24:50.227
19Jonathan SchultLa Porte IN20031Series Total:6:31:49.972
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k3:21:28.346
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k3:10:21.526
20Aaron ArinderFerndale MI7432Series Total:6:31:49.972
 Carpe Diem Half and 10k3:21:28.747
 Carpe Noctem Half and 10k3:10:21.225
*Age Group Place