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Trail Trio

Overall Results

May 20, 2018

Results By Mettle Events, Inc. Mettle Events

Half Marathon

Female Finishers

PlaceName/RaceCity/State Age TimePlace*
1Sadie SandiferChesterfield VA 20Series Total:3:01:08.698
 Belle Isle Blitz22:56.55
 James River Scramble45:04.241
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half1:53:07.752
2Lesley BrocatoMidlothian VA 40Series Total:3:18:05.0221
 Belle Isle Blitz30:24.843
 James River Scramble50:59.6116
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half1:56:40.562
3Rachel SnyderMontpelier VA 24Series Total:3:25:52.0285
 Belle Isle Blitz31:08.253
 James River Scramble53:27.2153
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:01:16.679
4Audrey CannonHenrico VA 25Series Total:3:36:16.7368
 Belle Isle Blitz31:15.959
 James River Scramble56:11.0188
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:08:49.7121
5Katy KyriakakisGlen Allen VA 41Series Total:3:38:55.3363
 Belle Isle Blitz34:45.686
 James River Scramble53:24.5151
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:10:45.2126
6Jessica TuckerRichmond VA 28Series Total:3:47:41.0437
 Belle Isle Blitz32:45.975
 James River Scramble57:17.7210
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:17:37.3152
7Susan LarsenMidlothian VA 59Series Total:3:59:52.4560
 Belle Isle Blitz36:00.7103
 James River Scramble1:01:48.0293
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:22:03.6164
8Heidi LacosseMidlothian VA 45Series Total:4:53:34.6797
 Belle Isle Blitz42:45.2140
 James River Scramble1:13:25.8434
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:57:23.6223

Male Finishers

PlaceName/RaceCity/State Age TimePlace*
1Greg KnabelRichmond VA 26Series Total:2:40:46.733
 Belle Isle Blitz23:11.36
 James River Scramble40:26.714
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half1:37:08.613
2Spencer BissettRichmond VA 36Series Total:2:50:16.551
 Belle Isle Blitz22:39.84
 James River Scramble42:24.020
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half1:45:12.727
3Christopher MaestrelloHenrico VA 55Series Total:3:07:26.6131
 Belle Isle Blitz23:34.412
 James River Scramble45:41.348
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half1:58:10.871
4Richard Snyder,jr.Montpelier VA 62Series Total:3:09:00.3163
 Belle Isle Blitz26:18.517
 James River Scramble49:46.195
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half1:52:55.551
5Kim MarshHenrico VA 43Series Total:3:13:41.8176
 Belle Isle Blitz27:03.920
 James River Scramble49:03.288
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half1:57:34.668
6James RosenRichmond VA 50Series Total:3:17:52.2199
 Belle Isle Blitz25:29.215
 James River Scramble50:05.5102
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:02:17.582
7Robert KatulkaRichmond VA 26Series Total:3:22:24.3246
 Belle Isle Blitz27:03.719
 James River Scramble52:55.0143
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:02:25.584
8Robert BrossartRichmond VA 29Series Total:3:22:33.0257
 Belle Isle Blitz32:46.176
 James River Scramble50:14.3106
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half1:59:32.575
9Keller GabrielRichmond VA 24Series Total:3:26:12.3247
 Belle Isle Blitz27:49.827
 James River Scramble50:17.0108
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:08:05.4112
10Martin KrebsChesterfield VA 42Series Total:3:26:26.7281
 Belle Isle Blitz31:34.260
 James River Scramble52:21.3136
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:02:31.085
11Chris KirkRichmond VA 41Series Total:3:26:50.1265
 Belle Isle Blitz27:45.224
 James River Scramble52:28.8137
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:06:36.0104
12Lee KuykendallHenrico VA 28Series Total:3:27:29.2266
 Belle Isle Blitz27:07.921
 James River Scramble51:56.5129
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:08:24.6116
13Jeffery AdamsRichmond VA 25Series Total:3:28:44.5289
 Belle Isle Blitz26:17.216
 James River Scramble53:10.9149
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:09:16.3124
14Anthony AdamsRichmond VA 47Series Total:3:30:14.7301
 Belle Isle Blitz28:18.730
 James River Scramble53:44.2157
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:08:11.6114
15Chris KyriakakisGlen Allen VA 46Series Total:3:31:24.4327
 Belle Isle Blitz34:46.188
 James River Scramble53:01.9147
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:03:36.392
16Josh ClarkStafford VA 24Series Total:3:33:58.3350
 Belle Isle Blitz30:45.148
 James River Scramble56:46.4199
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:06:26.7103
17Rob KernsPowhatan VA 45Series Total:3:36:23.5355
 Belle Isle Blitz27:37.723
 James River Scramble56:57.9202
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:11:47.8130
18Josiah PewterbaughRichmond VA 32Series Total:3:38:18.5330
 Belle Isle Blitz28:26.733
 James River Scramble53:14.5150
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:16:37.1147
19Anthony JacksonRichmond VA 35Series Total:3:43:18.3380
 Belle Isle Blitz31:10.457
 James River Scramble55:00.7172
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:17:07.2151
20Gregory QuimbyMidlothian VA 41Series Total:3:52:10.5504
 Belle Isle Blitz35:25.494
 James River Scramble1:00:40.2269
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:16:04.8141
21Kyle PengosroFort Lee VA 26Series Total:3:52:14.6436
 Belle Isle Blitz28:49.035
 James River Scramble58:33.9231
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:24:51.6170
22Roy ReynoldsChester VA 54Series Total:3:54:06.9465
 Belle Isle Blitz30:54.651
 James River Scramble59:31.1245
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:23:41.1169
23Bob HamrickRichmond VA 53Series Total:3:58:39.6556
 Belle Isle Blitz35:42.297
 James River Scramble1:02:03.3299
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:20:53.9160
24George SimonChesapeake VA 38Series Total:4:05:33.2655
 Belle Isle Blitz36:39.7108
 James River Scramble1:06:49.5382
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:22:03.9165
25Tim GabbardChester VA 54Series Total:4:06:20.6564
 Belle Isle Blitz32:18.369
 James River Scramble1:02:30.6305
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:31:31.7190
26Brian CohanGlen Allen VA 32Series Total:4:31:40.8715
 Belle Isle Blitz35:35.395
 James River Scramble1:10:34.9412
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:45:30.5208
27Jack MateerYorktown VA 50Series Total:4:44:41.0740
 Belle Isle Blitz35:57.5102
 James River Scramble1:10:38.8413
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half2:58:04.6225
28Frank LynchHenrico VA 49Series Total:5:07:10.2811
 Belle Isle Blitz40:57.4134
 James River Scramble1:18:24.1449
 Dominion Riverrock Bust the Banks Half3:07:48.6228
*Overall Place